Greg James trapped in locked room by BBC

Fans are trying to get him out.

BBC Radio 1 fans are trying to help presenter Greg James escape from a locked room.

James was handed a polite note and led to a locked room, and tasked with finding a six-digit code which will gain his freedom.

In what has been called by one fan “the politest kidnapping ever”, James is now depending on the help of listeners to figure out the code.

A note was handed to James which said: “Gregory, you are being taken away. Put on the blindfold and follow the man in the black coat.”

Another note added: “You are locked in Radio 1’s Escape Room.

“The door unlocks with a six-digit code. Use the clues in the room to help you work out the code. Until you do, you’re stuck here. Good luck, you’ll need it.

‘PS – millions of people are listening to you right now. You will need their help.”

James has been left in a room with a complicated game of hangman on the wall and a number of jigsaw pieces to assemble.

Fans have posted their code-cracking suggestions on Twitter, trying to help James escape the Radio 1 room.

Alec Tooze wrote: “I would 100% have that clock off the wall. Why isn’t it working? Maybe there’s something else where the batteries should be.”

Jeni Lawes suggested: “Have you tried the date of the big weekend or your birthday?”

Others had less hope the presenter could crack the code, with one fan telling him on Twitter: “You’re gonna be in that room for like a month or two.”

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