‘She got me, she won,' says Emmerdale's Emma Barton killer

Viewers finally discover the truth about what happened on Thursday.

Emmerdale’s Emma Barton had the last laugh when she fell to her death from an aqueduct, her killer has said.

Moira Dingle, played by Natalie J Robb in the ITV soap, was unveiled during Thursday night’s double-episode as the person who pushed Emma off the ledge after initially trying to talk her out of taking her own life.

In the wake of Emma’s funeral, Robb told how the moment marked a victory for Gillian Kearney’s troubled character following the pair’s feud.

Natalie J Robb (Isabel Infantes/PA)
Natalie J Robb (Isabel Infantes/PA)

She said: “When I’m there, Emma makes that decision straight away that I’m going to be the one that pushes her, when really all I want to do is save her.

“She smiles as she goes down. She got me, she’s won. All the pain and the guilt will be on me and that’s what she wants to do, so she is calculating right until the very end.”

Robb explained how the guilt of Moira’s actions are the real reason behind her recent lack of sleep as well as taking care of her new baby, Isaac.

“Baby blues was part of it but the big part was the guilt,” she continued.

“She was shocked by what she had done, her emotions were all over the place.”

Jeff Hordley, who plays Cain, backed Moira’s move but kept quiet on whether their shared understanding could lead to a romantic reunion between the pair in the future.

After Cain probes a confession out of his former lover, Hordley said: “Cain is a smart cookie on a street level – good at sussing people out even though he is not very bright.

“He can see the pain Moira has been through and, once she has told him, he can see that it wasn’t some calculated move on Moira’s part, it was a genuine pushing of buttons and wrong place, wrong time.

“It’s what Emma wanted and I think the audience will see that.”

While viewers and select characters now know the truth about what really happened all those weeks ago, police suspicions are still flying, with Adam Barton (Adam Thomas) among the top of the list.

:: Emmerdale continues on ITV at 7pm on Friday.

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