Gerard Butler: I've had so many crises in my life I just get on with it

The actor is recovering from a motorcycle accident.

Gerard Butler has said he has had so many crises in his life that he is an expert at dealing with disaster.

The actor, who recently fractured his foot in five places in a motorcycle accident, said he manages to just carry on in times of difficulty.

He told the Press Association: “Actually, today is the first day I haven’t had a hobble.”

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Gerard Butler (Isabel Infantes/PA)

“The accident was two weeks ago now, it just came out a few days ago but it happened a few weeks ago so I was hobbling for about nine or 10 days.”

He added: “I was at the airport coming off a flight yesterday and it felt like the whole thing had started again, I was like ‘shit!’.”

The accident happened as Butler was in the middle of a worldwide press tour for his new film Geostorm, but the actor said he has powered on.

“I always joke and say that I’m not good in a crisis.

I actually am good in a crisis, I’ve had so many crises in my life that when they happen, like recent history – in the middle of all this craziness I had this motorbike accident – and it was ‘oh well, just get on with it’.

“I’m not good with the small issues, its like ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ it’s the small stuff that kills me. I’m like ‘Why is this not like this?'”

“It’s like my character in this movie, he saves the world but his brother says ‘Do you mind doing this?’

“He’s like ”No I don’t want to do that, why are you asking me that? I’m so sick of this!’

“It’s like that and it’s just like life, I guess.”

Gerard Butler as Jake Lawson in Geostorm (Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc./Ratpac-Dune Entertainment LLC/Kyle Kaplan)

In Geostorm, Butler plays a scientist tasked with coming to the rescue when the complex network of satellites controlling the earth’s extreme weather begins to malfunction and he said the environmental issue is particularly timely.

He added: “It’s very relevant, and the movie was always created with that idea in mind, it was a cautionary tale. But I think now when you watch it, it’s all the more visceral because you’re watching this going ‘this is supposed to be crazy but we are seeing a lot of this happening right now’ but that opening few minutes, this montage of global warming and where it takes us in the not too distant future, is kind of terrifying.

Butler with Alexandra Maria Lara in Geostorm (Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc./Ratpac-Dune Entertainment LLC/Kyle Kaplan)

“At the same time it’s uplifting because you see that mankind created this incredible technology that saved us and you climb right into that technology and see how it functions to control our environment. That’s pretty cool.”

Geostorm is out in UK cinemas now.

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