This guy shovelled the snow in his back yard into the Mona Lisa

“I present the Snowna Lisa! Oh, you think that's bad? Wait till I tell you it should be hanging in the Igloouvre.”

When snow covered the ice rink in his back garden, Robert Greenfield set to work creating his masterpiece.

Clearing the fallen powder bit by bit in his yard in Toronto, he recreated a Leonardo da Vinci on the ice and produced his very own Snowna Lisa.


Lawyer Robert posted the video of himself working to Facebook with the caption: “This is not exactly a masterpiece, but I present the Snowna Lisa! Oh, you think that’s bad? Wait till I tell you it should be hanging in the Igloouvre.”

Robert referred to a printout of the image, complete with a grid of the rink, while he worked, carefully shovelling out the snow where it didn’t need to be.

“For small things like the eyes and mouth, I used a hockey stick,” he told the Press Association. “The details like that are the hardest part since if they don’t line up or are the wrong shape or size then you end up with a Picasso instead of a Leonardo.”

This isn’t the first time Robert, who builds an ice rink in his back yard every winter, has crafted images in the snow – indeed, the Rink Artist has his own Instagram page.

He cites a Snoopy image as one of his favourites, as well as the logo of the Chicago Blackhawks ice hockey team.

“I am originally from Chicago and so that is my favourite team,” he said. “That one also really is the one that led me to realise that it is possible to do somewhat intricate designs.”

Robert also loves carving pumpkins and he says the two hobbies are very similar.



When it snows on your backyard rink, you gotta shovel. Might as well have some fun with it and turn it into the Chicago Blackhawks logo, right? Right.

Posted by Robert Greenfield on Wednesday, February 11, 2015

“They’re both essentially two-toned carving on a flat surface,” he said.

Robert added: “As you start clearing away snow it’s not hard to see that it is like drawing ink on paper. I just decided to try to take it a bit further.

“Most people with rinks want to remove the snow as soon as possible so that everyone can get back to it’s main purpose, skating and hockey. I do that too but sometimes just take the detour of being creative with it.”

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