11 brilliant and entertaining ways to shut down a conversation

‘I said good day, sir.'

Human interaction is great and all, but sometimes you just don’t want to be in a conversation.

Getting out of such situations is a delicate art form, but fortunately for you Reddit user u/Xavi__ sparked a conversation online which may give you a few pointers.

The Redditor asked their fellows to share their best conversation shut downs – so get your notepad ready, because these are 11 of the best answers.


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2. From user SaltyNibba

“Slapping the legs whilst standing up and saying ‘right.'”

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4. From user FuelingHappiness

“‘My battery is at 1% so if I disappear that’s why’ is my go to! It doesn’t work so well in person but I’ve tried it…”

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6. From user Kay_Elle

“Go to the bathroom.

“Never come back.”

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8. From user SearchingForKokomo

“Hey man, I’d like to stay, but I’ve got class in 30 minutes so I’ve gotta go.”

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10. From user PrincessFirefly23

“‘If I don’t go, I’ll miss my bus home.’ Only applies when I am not home.

“When I am home : ‘I want to go watch horror movies / animes Want to join?’ Works every time.”

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