Lilly Kass's school condensed her name to make an eyebrow-raising email address

The freshman has no plans to change it just yet.

A freshman did a double take when she learned the email address automatically generated for her by her new university.

Lilly Kass, 18, shared the details on Twitter expressing her “professional concerns”.

The email address can be read as “lick ass” because of the way it abbreviates her first name and full surname.

Kass, who is studying game development in Georgia – we’re not revealing where so as to keep her email address private – says things like this are “always a danger” when you have the surname Kass.

“I just started my new school this week, which makes this whole situation funnier because I have strangers calling me ‘lick ass’ now,” Kass told the Press Association.

“The reaction online has been pretty funny; I originally posted it in my school’s meme group on Facebook and they loved it, which is what prompted me to post it on Twitter.

Student LIlly Kass
Lilly Kass has ended up with a memorable email address (Lilly Kass)

“People have also been sharing their unfortunate email addresses, which has been equal parts hilarious and sad.

“Offline, I’ve had a few people around campus approach me asking if I’m the ‘lick ass’ girl, or calling me ‘lick ass’, which is weird because I’m a freshman so normally people would probably ignore me.”

People who knew Kass from her hometown have been getting in touch, checking she’s one and the same.

And for now, she’s keeping the address.

“I’m keeping it because I’m not applying to internships or anything, that may change in the future but currently I have no plans to change it.”

It’s not the first time a tweet by Kass has gone viral. Earlier this year she posted a video of her at graduation where she tripped up. It amassed thousands of likes and shares.

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