This extremely localised ‘rain shower' is making people question reality

‘Today we have experienced an error in the simulation in which we live.'

A bizarre viral video of an extremely localised “rain shower” is causing something of an existential crisis for many on Twitter.

Taken on Madrid’s Calle Mayor, the footage appears to show water falling from the sky on a small area of the street from above – despite there being no rain clouds in sight and no visually obvious terrestrial source.

“Today we have experienced an error in the simulation in which we live, it’s been raining in only part of the street,” cameraman David Garcia-Tenorio wrote on Twitter.

The 21-year-old student told the Press Association: “I wouldn’t know how to explain it, the water didn’t seem to be coming from any building as it was falling from a great height.”

Though unexplained, the spontaneously falling water likely has a reasonable explanation, but that hasn’t stopped people worrying, like David, that it has more troubling implications.

Naturally, many sought reassurances that we aren’t in fact in the Matrix.

That 1999 film has caused too much paranoia at this point.

Perhaps not as much as Jim Carrey’s 1998 classic the Truman Show however – which has also been touted as an explanation for the “rainfall”.

Perhaps it’s just a hole in the roof of the studio?

Meanwhile some were reminded of a particular episode of Rick And Morty, in which the heroes are trapped in a simulation by an alien race of intergalactic scammers called Zigerions.

It all makes sense now.

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