9 innovative artists you should follow on Instagram right away

These artists who work with unusual methods are sure to brighten up your Instagram feed.

One of the best things about social media is finding new and exciting creatives to inspire and entertain you.

If you’re finding it difficult to search for some creative artwork to brighten up your social media feed, worry no more, as the hard work has been done for you.

Here are nine amazing artists that use unusual mediums in their work, who you should follow on Instagram immediately.

From artwork made from coffee, to tiny paintings on stones, there’s something here to suit every taste.

1. Georgina Ryland/georginaryland.

Make-up artist Georgina Ryland paints incredibly detailed artwork – often inspired by films and TV shows – on her skin.

The self-taught artist from Brisbane, Australia, works with make-up and prosthetics, and has been painting for around six years.

She said: “I am self-taught in my body painting and it will always be my most favourite area.”

2. Giulia Bernardelli/bernulia.

Giulia Bernardelli, an artist from Italy, uses spilt coffee to create detailed paintings of animals, faces, and landscapes.

The artist, who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, incorporates coffee cups and spoons into the pieces, and uses toothpicks, fingers, and small spoons to create the work.

3. Bryanna Marie/bry.marie.arts.

Bryanna Marie creates tiny artwork with pennies as her canvas, a medium she has been working with for around three years.

The artist paints landscapes, animals, and animated film characters on to coins.

She said: “I started painting on pennies back in 2015. It was the challenge of such a small painting surface that intrigued me. I honestly wanted to see if I had a steady enough hand to accomplish all the fine details.”

4. David Bayo/davidbayo_art.

3 pieces already, and a ton of ideas 💡 to continue this series.

A post shared by David BAYO (@davidbayo_art) on

French artist David Bayo can spend up to 300 hours on each piece of art, using a technique called stippling.

The self-taught artist creates impressively realistic portraits out of millions of ink dots each, guided by a faint pencil line.

5. Mostafa Khodeir/mostafa.khodeir.

Ballpoint pen 2015

A post shared by 25 years old, from egypt 🎨 (@mostafa.khodeir) on

Mostafa Khodeir creates incredible portraits using ballpoint pens that you could mistake for photographs.

The artist from Egypt can take two to three months to create the portraits with a standard Biro pen.

6. James Trevino/james_trevino.

Who is your favorite Hogwarts teacher? 📚 Why another Harry Potter themed pic you ask? Well, first of all, you can never have too many HP themed pics! Second, I just wanted to show off this awesome Quidditch hoodie the guys at @funidelia sent me. WHO DA CAPTAIN??? JAMES DA CAPTAIN! As for my favorite teacher: I would love to learn from Fake Moody (just cuz I am evil👿) but from a reader's standpoint no one beats McGonagall. 📚 How is your weekend going, guys? 📑 📑 📑 #funidelia #funideliamerchandise #whprelax #rainbow #harrypotter #goodreads #pottermore #kitap #hermionegranger #quidditch #dracomalfoy #ronweasley #bookish #book #bookstagram #bookworm #myeverydaymagic #seekthesimplicity #lecture #libro #livro #voldemort #hogwarts #hogwartsismyhome #writing #mystyle #outfitoftheday #igreads #igbooks

A post shared by James Trevino (@james_trevino) on

James Trevino from Romania creates unique photographs that incorporate his enormous book collection.

The literary-themed photos include hundreds of multi-coloured books all from the artist’s personal collection.

He said: “I get inspired by pop culture most of the time: movies, TV series, cartoons and animes.”

7. Russell Powell/pangaeanstudios.

Artist Russell Powell uses a “hand stamping” technique to create paintings, which sees him paint a black-and-white picture on to his hand, then transfer it on to paper.

Powell refined the technique over two-and-a-half years, and has created a number of astonishing portraits in this way.

8. David Miller/damrock85.

David Miller creates miniature portraits of celebrities from Kevin Hart to Bryce Dallas Howard.

The self-taught artist said: “The picture I did of The Rock is 4cm high and 2.5cm wide.

“The Rock is very inspiring to me and his work ethic is another thing that helps drive me to believe I can one day make my dream of being an artist for a living come true.”

9. Akie Nakata/akie_2525.

Self-taught artist Akie Nakata from Japan paints adorable and intricate animals on to pebbles.

Nakata began working as a stone artist in 2011, but said she has collected pebbles and rocks since she was a child.

She said: “When I find a stone, I feel that stone, too, has found me. Stones have their own intentions, and I consider my encounters with them as cues they give me it’s okay to go ahead and paint what I see on them.”

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