Homeless man who handed out CVs on the street has finally landed a job

David Casarez has accepted an offer a few weeks after photos of him holding a ‘homeless' cardboard sign went viral.

A homeless man who went viral after he was pictured handing out his CV at the side of the road has finally landed a job he wants.

David Casarez was photographed last month in Silicon Valley, California, holding a handwritten cardboard sign which read “Homeless. Hungry 4 success. Take a resume”.

He has revealed on Twitter that he is joining drone airspace management company WhiteFox Defence as a software engineer.

His story became global news after passer-by Jasmine Scofield spotted the 26-year-old at a crossing in Mountain View and shared images of him and his CV on Twitter.

Her post caught the eye of Austen Allred, who runs Lambda School – a company that trains software engineers at no up-front cost.

The school and interview coaching firm Skilled helped the 26-year-old by mentoring him for the interview process.

David also thanked Jasmine on the social media site “for tweeting out that very special photo of me when I was at my lowest”.

Jasmine, 24, who works as a payroll analyst at a firm in San Jose, said helping David “felt like the right thing to do”.

She told the Press Association: “I’d been so close to his position before and I figured that taking his resume and posting it would take no effort at all and could hopefully help him.

“I would’ve wanted someone to help me so I wanted to pay it forward.”

David told the New York Post he had been contacted by hundreds of companies and received more than 200 job offers after Jasmine’s post went viral.

“Google reached out to me,” he told the outlet. “So many other companies. Pandora. A bunch of start-ups.”

David said he quit a web developer job to move to Silicon Valley from Texas to make his own tech start-up, but ran out of money and was forced to live in his van.

He lived there for more than a year until the Ford Transit was repossessed, and slept in a park until Lambda School put David up in a hotel gave him an Airbnb certificate worth 500 US dollars (£388).

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