Here are 12 essential skills everyone should have

It's never too late for self improvement.

Managing money, cooking and how to swim have been suggested as basic skills that everyone needs to have.

Reddit user Deity_Of_Love_Death asked people on the website what is an essential skill every human should know.

Here are 12 of the best answers:

1. What to do in a medical emergency

2. What to do if you get a flat tyre

3. Know how to take care of yourself

4. Be able to eat well

5. How to balance the books

6. Know how to take care of  your finances

7. No one wants to wear armbands their whole life

8. Table manners

9. How to take a tumble

10.  How to look after your pipes

11. How to take care of your mental wellbeing

12. Avoid keeping people waiting

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