13 times people's Twitter timeline perfectly aligned to deliver a joke

These users landed the rarest of treats, where one person's post unwittingly synced with another.

With a person’s Twitter feed being unique to them it’s a given that while some in the timeline will be having a good day, others won’t.

And for everyone asking a question of the world, others will be offering up answers.

Occasionally this yin and yang align so that a single user gets to see some perfectly aligned tweets where it looks like two random users are unwittingly in conversation and the screenshots are a thing of beauty.

Here’s some of our favourites:

1. Awww, a cat

2. A question of intelligence

3. This Walmart conversation

4. A dream imagined

5. Stalking is not OK

6. Pokemon Go get a burrito?

7. You win some…

8. Here’s to Monday

9. A dark twist

10. A lesson in independence

11. Brexit with a movie twist

12. This game of one-upmanship

13. Things are looking up

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