10 simple but relatable tasks people have been putting off for too long

From getting rid of empty bottles of shower gel, to fixing the toilet roll holder.

Sometimes the easier the task is, the less likely it is to get done.

On that topic, Reddit user AnnieQApples asked their fellows: “What’s something that takes under two minutes to do yet you’ve been putting it off for a ridiculous amount of time?”

Here are 10 of the most popular, and most relatable, answers.


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2. From user Birdpiece

“Giving my mother a call.”

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“Edit: Just called her.”


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4. From user MrThunderkat

“Scheduling a doctors appointment, 8 years and counting.”

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6. From user SpyDad24

“My toilet paper holder fell off, well one side did.

“All I need to do is put it in the bracket still on the wall and tighten a set screw. Tool bag with tool is in closet 20 feet away.

“3 months now we just set the toilet paper on the ground.”

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8. From user AnnieQApples

“Doing my thing now – fixing the shade on the skylight window in my bedroom.

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“Edit: Aaaaand the drill decides now is a good time to die. 😂 Got it 1/3 done.”


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10. From user please_hava_seat

“I need to rename like, three files and transfer them to a different folder.

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“Been putting it off for about a month.”

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