Innovative YouTuber modifies his car windscreen wipers into a drink dispenser

Daniel Tillotson made a tasty invention from his car's windscreen wipers.

YouTuber Daniel Tillotson made a delicious modification to his car, swapping his windscreen washer fluid for fruity kombucha tea.

In the video, which now has over 78,000 views, Tillotson modifies his windscreen wipers with a mount so that instead of blasting the windscreen, the fluid would instead squirt directly into his mouth.

The video shows him flushing out the fluid tank with water, before swapping it out for raspberry pomegranate kombucha tea.

As a warning, there’s some strong language in the video… oh, and also don’t try this at home.

The modification is shown to work fairly well, although the tea mostly just went into his car and on his clothes, rather than into his mouth.

After testing his creation, Tillotson said: “It tastes like soap… I regret everything.”

Windscreen wiper fluid contains methanol, a highly poisonous chemical, along with other toxic substances. Even though the YouTuber washed away the fluid, it’s probably best not to recreate this experiment.

Tillotson has over 8,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he creates fun videos, often centred around car modification.

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