These 11 everyday occurrences might astound a person living just a century ago

These little quirks about everyday life prove how much culture has advanced in 100 years.

In this era of rapidly-improving technology, a lot of everyday occurrences would absolutely blow the mind of anyone living a century ago.

Reddit user neymar1001 asked people on the website to come up with their examples of things that happen regularly, that would “horrify a person from 100 years ago”.

Here are the best suggestions, that will prove just how quickly culture has advanced since 1918.

1. They would be shocked that another war was on the way.

2. Medicine has advanced a huge amount.

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3. Contemplating air travel would be a shock.

4. Today’s strong language.

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5. The amount of plane travel in general…

6. People willingly jumping out of the sky!

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7. Mobile phones would baffle anyone from 1918.

8. Jogging wasn’t really a thing…

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9. How incredibly realistic films are.

10. Parenting would have been a lot stricter back then.

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11. Lastly, how easy it is to stay in touch nowadays.

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