Watch this bear and her cubs take a dip in a garden water feature

This beats rabbits on the lawn.

A family of bears have taken up part-time residence in a water feature in a family’s garden.

Deedee Mueller has been filming the adult bear and her two cubs’ antics through her living room window in Pasadena, California, at the foothills of San Gabriel mountain.

“The reason these bears come so close is because of the drought in southern California,” Deedee, a graphic designer working from home, explained to the Press Association.

“I used to rarely see bears and the sheriffs would tranquilliser them and take them back to deeper mountains when they came close.

“But since the drought a few years ago, bears came out to find food and water… then they had babies nearby.

“To the babies, this is home.”

“They’ll find their way back here even if you send them away,” said Deedee. “So we kind of co-exist during the summer months.

“My heart’s racing every time I see them both from caution and excitement!”

Who needs badgers, foxes and squirrels when you could have bears in your garden?

You win this round, America.

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