Why was this officer smiling in the middle of the road in the pouring rain?

A Maryland family discovered the policewoman trying rescue a snapping turtle and went to help.

This is the moment when a police officer’s kindness was captured in a picture as she stood over a snapping turtle trying to cross the road in pouring rain.

The Hammett family went to help, initially holding an umbrella over the woman in Greenbelt, Maryland.

They also returned to their nearby home for shovels to help escort the turtle to safety – and get the officer out of the road.

(Honora Hammett/PA)

“We spotted a police officer standing in the middle of the road. Her vehicle was parked on the shoulder with the lights flashing,” Carolyn BR Hammett told the Press Association.

“We thought at first that part of the road must be flooded too, but as we got closer we realised she was standing in the road over something sitting there almost in the middle.

“She was completely soaked through and was just smiling this big broad smile.

“The rain was pouring down so we turned the car around and saw that she was standing over a large snapping turtle.

“My husband jumped out of the car with our umbrella to try to give the officer some relief from the rain.

Mr Hammett holding an umbrella over an officer assisting a snapping turtle in heavy rain
(Carolyn BR Hammett/PA)

“I quickly realised that I should get back home and grab a couple shovels, which I did, and when I got back I put on my wellies and jumped out of the car.

“My husband and I used the two shovels to scoop up the turtle and we carried it through some deep running water off the side of the road, up into the wooded area away from traffic and people.

“We just moved her in the same direction that she was headed so as not to confuse her.

“The officer said she had called animal control but they never showed up. We thanked one another and we all went on our way.”

Greenbelt Police Officer standing guard over a snapping turtle as it crosses the roadway in a pouring rain. Thankful…

Posted by Jim Craze on Sunday, June 3, 2018

The first image of the smiling officer was taken by their daughter, Honora Hammett, who was travelling with her parents to a family reunion when they came across the odd scene.

She said it was just like her parents to step in and help.

“When we saw the policewoman standing there in the pouring rain it was a beautiful sight to see, and I’m happy that even the smallest gestures are being spread with the circumstances the world is seeing right now.

“I hope more people will take these little acts and let it become a chain reaction.”

Talking about her parent’s actions, she added: “That is what it’s like to live with them every day. They are so selfless and their end goal is to serve others.”

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