This is the dog version of The Office and it's unmissable

Starring Enzo the Samoyed, boss of the Dunder Woofin Paper Company.

Those of you who have binge-watched the US version of The Office will have got to know the teasingly cheery credits sequence of the mockumentary rather well – but what if there was a doggy version?

Well, wonder no longer, because with the help of her dog Enzo, 25-year-old Paulina Lang has created just that.

Including Dunder Mifflin Paper Company and Ed Helms’ character’s nickname, “Nard Dog” amongst other references, that is truly sensational.

Paulina, who recently binge-watched The Office on Netflix, believes Enzo, a 17-month-old Samoyed, is more like Steve Carell’s character than Helms’ Andy Bernard however.

“Enzo is unquestionably like Michael Scott,” she told the Press Association.

“He wants everything to revolve around him and is an attention seeker – and when people aren’t paying attention to him he’ll act pretty goofy to get them to notice him.”

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Paulina said Enzo was “surprisingly” compliant when it came to acting in videos, but he’s had a fair bit of practice – with Paulina and her husband Matthew making videos with him since he was eight weeks old.

Enzo’s Instagram account has more than 11,000 followers, so he’s something of a professional.

“I try and keep filming sessions short when I make skit videos so that Enzo finds it fun and so that he doesn’t tire out,” said Paulina.

“Filming takes no more than 30 minutes. Editing takes a few hours.

“I’ve taught him a few cues to make it easier for him to understand where I want him to be, which makes the filming process go a lot smoother.

“If I need to make an adjustment in where I want him, I’ll re-position him and tell him to stay.”

“For the most part he stays put,” added Paulina. “It’s kind of funny because I’ll slowly move his paw for example, place it down, and he’ll just leave it there and wait for me to give him the release cue.

“Even though he’s goofy he’s also very smart. He can pick up tricks pretty quickly and learns to adapt to new situations really well.

“I think that’s why he does well in the videos.”

Paulina is a stay-at-home wife from Canada, currently living in California with Matthew, who writes in her spare time while also curating Instagram accounts for both Enzo and Cricket – her rescued yorkipoo.

Paulina has been writing a novel for the past year which she hopes to have published.

To keep up to date with her and her talented dogs, check out Enzo’s pages on Twitter and Instagram.

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