8 hilariously unexpected GDPR emails

These brands and musicians are desperate to hang on to you.

Anyone and everyone with an email inbox has been finding comfort among those sharing a common plight: the influx of GDPR messages.

As companies prepare for the EU-wide General Data Protection Regulation to come into force on Friday, they are taking steps to clarify how client data is being used.

That includes asking whether customers and followers wish to stay on those all-important mailing lists, and it appears these celebs and brands don’t want to miss out on the fun.

Can you fill me in?

Rage Against The Machine … aren’t exempt.

Do you believe in GDPR?

The one email we’ve all been waiting for.

Backstreet’s back, but only if you want them to be.

Turn’s out you can opt in to Santa’s good list.

Don’t risk ruining Jeremy Corbyn’s birthday.

Never miss a good tea offer again.

Whatever the current state of your inbox, it seems we’ll be letting out a collective sigh of relief when Friday rolls around.

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