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This guy absolutely smashed a game of Beat Saber and it'll make you want to play

Steffan Donal's boss moves are on another level.

Virtual reality has opened up a world of gaming possibilities, and this example is pretty epic.

Steffan Donal, a streamer and developer, created a “mixed reality” video in which he played rhythm game Beat Saber using two VR lightsabers on the HTC Vive.

In it, he slashes beat cubes to Kaskade’s song Never Sleep Alone”. Remember the Tap Tap game? It’s kind of a stepped up, VR version, and it looks incredibly fun.

“This kind of video is called ‘Mixed Reality’, as it aims to put real people into virtual reality games – the first video like it that was popular was this one,” Donal told the Press Association.

“I loved this video, as it really got across what it felt like to be inside VR. I was convinced that this is the way VR should be presented to the masses.”

His video has received almost 400,000 views.

Donal’s journey with VR rhythm gaming streaming began when he recorded himself playing AudioShield, a game developed for the HTC Vive VR set.

He then developed software which allowed him to broadcast it live to his audience, which led to VR company LIV reaching out to him. He now helps the company develop software.

“I love everything about VR rhythm gaming, it feels amazing to use my whole body to play games and actually see physical benefit from it,” he said.

“Because I’d been livestreaming so much, I’m used to showing off and dancing about, even if I’m not the best (yet).

He added: “I had no “big plan” with this video. I filmed it because I loved the mapping of the song, and thought it’d be fun to watch.”

More of Donal’s work can be found here.

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301 Moved Permanently

Moved Permanently

The document has moved here.