Can you see the artistic scene created from dust on the back of this car?

One man's art…

One man’s fingerprints could be interpreted as art if this latest pic to baffle and amuse the internet is anything to go by.

On first inspection, this picture shows the dusty boot of a compact sedan with finger marks where the boot has been lifted and lowered.

But the haphazard marks can also look like businessmen socialising – complete with suits and ties.

That’s what the car owner thought when he was in the driveway at his brother’s house, in Kansas City, Missouri.

“The road I live on is made of loose gravel which gets very dusty when it is dry. The ‘people’ are a result of my fingers pushing down on the hatch to close it. This was not planned or designed, it was just an accident,” he explained to Press Association, saying his brother first noticed the illusion.

This group of businessmen socializing at a bar after work. from pics

“I see a primary, more in focus group of men, possibly in suits to the left congregated at a bar or maybe a table at a pub. To the centre and right, I see background people, not in focus in a couple of groups chatting together.”

Of course, the internet doesn’t reach consensus on things easily.

One man’s art is another man’s fingerprints.

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