This towering, Inception-inspired photo bends reality

Photographer Joshua explains how it was made.


If you’ve seen the movie Inception, you may recall a scene in which Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page’s characters take a gravity-defying walk up a street that curves up to the sky.

It is this scene which Joshua, Reddit name among_shadows, has recreated using photo-editing trickery in a post that’s been wowing his fellow users – take a look.

The amazing photograph

So, how was it made?

“I used a drone to take pictures at different angles of my street,” Joshua told the Press Association.

“One close to the ground facing directly behind me, all the way until I was high up in the air looking down at the street.”

“I took about six or seven photos, and then I cropped some select pieces out of each of them, and stitched them together using Adobe Photoshop.”

The first picture that was stitched

“Since about 12 or 13 years ago, I’ve always been fond of taking pictures and videos,” said Joshua.

“In school, I took classes about editing photos and I’ve had plenty of practice editing random photos that I take for fun.

“Being able to show a single image, and saying that I made it using the practice that I’ve had over the years, makes me proud.”

One of the middle shots

What advice would Joshua give to others looking be creative with their photographs?

“The first thing you would need is the desire for photography,” he said. “It’s not fun doing something that you don’t like doing.

“The next thing is to learn from others before trying on your own, whether it be from the internet, or in a classroom.

“Learn different styles and techniques, and afterwards, you can try it on your own. Later, you can create your own styles based off of the knowledge you have.”

The final shot

“Another thing is to not give up,” added Joshua. “You should be getting better after every picture you take, or after every work you finish, learning from your mistakes.

“If you are afraid to make mistakes, you will go nowhere in life.”

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