How to lose friends and alienate snooker players at the Crucible

Fail to follow the etiquette of the baize and this could happen to you.

With its waistcoats, bow ties and shiny shoes, snooker is unsurprisingly a sport chock full of conventions and manners.

And while you’re unlikely to be punished for failing to abide by the etiquette the game holds dear, behaving in the following manner will definitely make you an unpopular customer.

1. Chalking during an opponent’s shot

A snooker player chalks their cue
(Danny Lawson/PA)

Please, wait your turn. Thanks.

2. Not tapping the table in recognition of a good safety shot

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Oh, so we’re not celebrating each other’s achievements on the baize? Fine, as long as everyone’s on the same page.

3. Failing to declare a foul

Snooker players often declare a foul if they touch a ball and it goes unnoticed by the referee. The sport prides itself on that integrity, so don’t undermine it.

4. Challenging a referee’s touching ball decision

A referee places a ball on the table
(Andrew Matthews/PA)

A touching ball can be crucial in a safety battle, but it’s the referee’s decision to declare it. Whatever their decision, accept it, move on.

5. Deliberate fouling

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Sometimes it pays to foul during a safety battle. Maybe a convenient in-off gets the cue ball back behind the baulk line? Don’t be that person.

6. Failing to clean up after yourself

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Please clean your chalk marks off the table. They are a distraction and affect the way the balls run.

7. Failing to raise your hand after a fluke

Going to pretend that was deliberate? OK.

8. Refusing to concede a frame

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When so many snookers are required that it’s almost impossible to win the frame, just concede. Please. Everyone has places to be.

9. Moving in the line of the shot

Unless you’re both in on it for a giggle. Then it’s fine.

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