This poor customer found his pizza had cardboard between its topping and crust

A truly chilling tale of a frozen pizza delivery gone wrong.

The circle of cardboard that often comes underneath frozen pizzas is usually a harmless disposable used to keep the fine Italian cuisine’s shape, but not so for this poor, innocent guy.

Reddit user CF_Gamebreaker was met with an unappetising shock when he opened his meal to find the cardboard was placed between the pizza’s base and its topping.

The pizza with cardboard in between base and topppings

“While I’d like to be able to say I salvaged it somehow, I think it might have been beyond saving since the sauce was also on the cardboard,” CF_Gamebreaker, who chose not to give his real name, told the Press Association.

“In hindsight I probably could have used the crust for something at least, but I just snapped a few pictures then trashed it.”

His post to Reddit about the debacle was well received, with over 41,000 upvotes, and fortunately he says he made contact with the pizza’s maker – who rewarded him with three free pizza coupons.

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“I did specify that I found it mostly humorous and that I didn’t want anyone to get in trouble at their job from my small problem, so hopefully they honoured that request,” he added.

Asked if there was a lesson to be learned from this experience, he said: “I would tend to avoid trying to glean any life lessons from a frozen pizza, but maybe if you wanted to it could be to not sweat the small stuff.”

Wise words indeed.

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