12 moments of accidental pain that will make you wince in pure agony

Stubbed toe, anyone?

Stepping on a stray piece of Lego is a discomfort that you would not wish on your worst enemy.

Accidental pain is a cruel reality of everyday life, especially during a moment of absent-mindedness.

Reddit users have been sharing their most painful moments after user ThatGuy_T asked: “Other than stubbing your toe on the edge of a corner, what’s the worst accidental pain ever?”.

Try reading the responses without experiencing the torture.

1. When you get too confident with the nail clippers.

2. More like “tear-inducing bone”.

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3. The absolute worst.

4. Cheesestring nail.

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5. When your caffeine fix comes at a cost.

6. The moment when you experience the dark side of a hot wing.

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7. The perilous back pocket.

8. A badly-calculated risk.

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9. Just…ouch.

10. Sounds like hell on earth.

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11. A nostalgic pain we can all get behind.

12. And here’s why the 24-hour McDonald’s exists – to save us from ourselves.

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