People are sharing their colourful reasons for avoiding London after Trump cancels trip

He blamed the new US embassy rather than expected mass protests at his visit.

Donald Trump has cancelled his trip to London, which was expected to coincide with the official opening of the new US embassy in February.

There has been speculation that his visit would result in mass protests, so people have been responding online with their own very serious reasons for not visiting London.

The football comparisons continued with other unlikely reasons for not making the trip.

There were some particularly unrealistic expectations too.

One man said he just couldn’t take all the attention from a certain Game Of Thrones star.

Some gave their very own Trump-esque reasons for not going to other places.

In his tweet, the president maintained the decision was down to his disapproval of the US embassy moving from its old central London location to a new site south of the river.

He blamed the Obama administration for the change, but the decision was actually announced when George W Bush was in charge.

Others speculated that widespread protests may actually be the reason he was skipping the trip.

Others thought Trump wouldn’t be content with how regal his visit might be.

Embassy officials will have to put away the giant novelty scissors and ribbon though, because whatever the reason, he says he’s not coming.

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