David Silva and Laurent Koscielny swapped shorts instead of shirts and people are baffled

A lot of people giving this one shorts shrift…

Footballers have been swapping shirts for years now, but what if a player is after a full kit? You’d have to ask for the shorts, of course.

That’s exactly what Manchester City’s David Silva and Arsenal’s Laurent Koscielny did after City triumphed 3-1 at the Etihad Stadium this weekend.

Having already swapped shirts (with one another or a different opposition player), this is what happened next. Keep your eye on the top-left of the screen…

Shirts off, shorts off – nobody fancy a souvenir shin pad?

Mind you, two international footballers, one a World Cup and European Championship winner, the other a three-time FA Cup winner – you wouldn’t turn shorts like those down, would you?

A swapped shirt is easily displayed – the world of sporting memorabilia waits with bated breath to see how Silva and Koscielny show off their souvenir shorts, however.

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