This one step at Ohio Stadium tripped up at least 15 people

Luckily one fan was there to record it all.

A single step at Ohio Stadium proved very difficult to navigate for people watching college football over the weekend.

Tripping up a step is no doubt something everyone has experienced, and the brief rush of adrenaline it gives you does nothing to help the embarrassment.

But after noticing that a lot of people were struggling with one particular step during Ohio State’s game against Penn State, fan Abby Grau decided it was probably time to start recording.

Abby filmed around 15 people tripping over the step and, while they all faced the same struggle, some definitely came through it more gracefully than others.

It was the first time she’d sat on that side of the stadium, so it was something the Ohio State student hadn’t seen before – and she said there were a lot more people who tripped than just the ones she filmed.

It’s not the first time this phenomena has been recorded, with a video at Reading’s Madjeski Stadium going viral in 2015 for the same reason.

Here it is, in all its Vine glory.

While the cause of people tripping up in Colombus and Berkshire hasn’t been given, a similar video showing people falling over a step on the New York subway caused the city’s transport system to step in.

It turns out that one step was half an inch taller than the rest, which led to scenes like this.

So the next time you trip up a step, don’t blame yourself. There’s a small chance it might be a construction error.

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