Watch: Real police shoot at a movie actor dressed as an armed robber

The studio had not told officers they were filming in the area.

Bodycam footage has emerged of a policeman in the US shooting at an actor who was filming a movie.

The man was playing a robber, wearing a mask and carrying a prop gun, when he was approached by officers in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

The video shows officers ordering the actor, reportedly named Jim Duff, to “drop the gun”, before shooting once in his direction as he turned and raised the fake handgun.

The movie makers, Montgomery County Movies, had not notified authorities that they would be filming the scene at Backstep Brewery in Green Street.

No one was hurt in the incident and no charges were filed against anyone involved.

“The bad part is all the cameras and everything were inside the bar,” Sergeant Kim Riley told Fox. “So there was nothing outside telling people that this was a film set.”

Duff gets on the ground
The actor gets to the ground (Crawfordsville Police Department)

Montgomery County Movies thanked the police force for the “hasty response” in a statement on the studio Facebook page.

“We’re such a small company, we’ve been filming three to four years and we’ve just never thought about it,” the studio’s owner Philip Demoret told WLFI. “We just went in there and did what we normally do.”

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