This is what happened when some lads asked the internet to buy them drinks at Wetherspoon's

“You really think you're funny don't you.”

It started out as a pretty normal night for Nick and his chums.

They were heading out to the Bankers Draft Wetherspoon’s in Sheffield for Nick’s birthday, when one of them had a bright idea to get them some free drinks.

Nick’s mate Rory posted a picture of the birthday boy on Twitter, gave their ‘Spoons table number and asked his followers to send them some rounds via the pub’s app.

“Be generous and send him a bev,” Rory asked them.

But if you tell strangers on the internet to do something nice for you, they’re probably going to twist it in some way.

And twist it they did.

As his initial tweet started to go viral, people from all over started sending Nick and his mates tumblers of milk, non-alcoholic beers, and in one round a combination of the two.

It wasn’t all bad though – he did got sent some ice cream.

A single ball from the children’s menu, that is.

One kind stranger online kicked it up a gear and ordered them a tiny bottle of Prosecco.

It was his birthday after all.

People even started sending proper food. Well, sort of…

But of course, like good lads, they ate it up.

Why not?

There were some particularly bizarre orders, including a fruit juice, a side of crispy onions and another glass of milk.

But Nick’s birthday was drawing to a close, and they needed to get out of there.

Rory politely asked the generous trolls to stop buying them drinks.

Hold on – what about a pint, and a Robinsons Fruit Shoot?

You’ve got to get those vitamins somehow.

But a free drink is a free drink, and Nick kept downing them like a champ.

The night started off so well that later the birthday boy took to the decks to DJ the gang’s subsequent drinks.

Nick later joined Twitter especially to thank all those strangers who splashed some cash on his birthday drinks despite not knowing him.

Asked how he was feeling the next day, Nick told a new-found fan: “The head is surprisingly fine, even after all that milk.”

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