Freddo or chocolate buttons? Ed Milliband has sparked a very important Twitter debate

Are you for buttons, or chocolate frogs?


We’ve all got a favourite chocolate bar. Some of us can’t be parted from our Crunchies, for others, life isn’t worth living if a Snickers isn’t to hand. Sure, some odd bods enjoy Yorkies or Picnics. Others require a KitKat Chunky to get them through the day.

But for Ed Miliband, MP for Doncaster North, nothing will do but chocolate buttons.

The former Labour leader has triggered something of a Twitter storm on the matter. It kicked off when Miliband fan account The Miliverse tweeted a mocked-up image of Ed clinging to a Freddo:

Miliband quickly responded:

Outrage ensued:

Others though, were fully onboard with the buttons love…

While some felt the need to clarify whether Ed was talking about giant buttons or the normal sized ones…

In the end, Miliband returned to the fray with some very wise and comforting words…

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