Fishermen in Ireland have landed a rare giant squid for the second time in as many months

Only seven have been encountered in the same seas in almost 350 years.

A fishing crew in Ireland couldn’t believe their luck after they encountered a rare giant squid for the second time this year.

The sprawling 5.5 metre Architeuthis landed in Dingle, Co Kerry, after it was caught by the Cu na Mara crew 150 miles west, on the Porcupine Bank.

Dr Kevin Flannery, a marine biologist, told Irish broadcaster RTE that such a sighting was extremely uncommon in Ireland.

“Only seven have been recorded here since records began almost 350 years ago. The very first giant squid recorded in Ireland was also landed in Dingle, when fishermen brought one ashore in 1673.”

And yet the same crew were fortunate enough to land a larger squid in May, measuring 5.8 metres.

Patrick Flannery, skipper of Cu na Mara, told RTE: “When we opened the net we couldn’t believe it, that it was another one. The lads were very excited. What are the chances of two in one year!”

Unbelievably, out of the seven sightings that have been recorded, the Flannery family have caught four.

Micheal Flannery, Patrick’s father, caught two of the giants 22 years ago.

“My father has two and I have two,” Patrick said.

He added: “I’ll probably have to catch a third now so that I can have bragging rights.”

The remarkable creature is extremely hard to track and can weigh up to 440lbs and reach 33ft in length. The largest ever to be found measured 59ft.

Although they are the largest invertebrate on Earth, they remain “largely mysterious to scientists”, according to National Geographic.

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