Um, apparently Steve Bannon has an oil painting of himself as Napoleon

It's allegedly a gift from Nigel Farage.

Among all the drama of modern day politics, every so often it’s nice to hear an utterly ridiculous story such as this one.

In an extract from an upcoming book, reporter Josh Green has claimed of Steve Bannon: “On his office wall hung an oil painting of Bannon dressed as Napoleon in his study at the Tuileries, done in the style of Jacques-Louis David’s famous neoclassical painting.”

And as if this story couldn’t get any more outrageous, the book alleges that the painting was “a gift from Nigel Farage”. It hung on Bannon’s office wall before he reached the White House.

This obviously led to a whole lot of hilarity and then some dodgy Photoshop.

And it got people feeling one sort of way.

Whereas others don’t mind it.

While this unusual detail about Donald Trump’s chief of staff could be passed off as a delicious rumour, a Westminster journalist has apparently got confirmation from Farage of the painting.

It’s not quite a public admission from Bannon himself, but it’s something.

The revelation came as part of an excerpt of Green’s new book Devil’s Bargain published in New York Magazine, which is all about Bannon’s partnership with Donald Trump.

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