Meet the adorable new baby penguin at Birmingham Sea Life Centre

The adorable baby Gentoo has been nicknamed “Hulk” due to his five-week growth spurt.

Birmingham Sea Life Centre has welcomed the addition of a rare baby penguin to its waddle.

The adorable Gentoo penguin was born at the Midlands animal enclosure just five weeks ago, but has already piled on so much weight he has been nicknamed “Hulk” by the staff.

Hulk’s next steps will involve growing his adult feathers before being introduced to the Sea Life pool for private swimming lessons.

"Hulk" the baby penguin at Birmingham Sea Life Centre

Penguin keeper Hayley Roberts said: “It’s a very rare penguin and it’s absolutely amazing for our breed rescue protect programme we have here, so we hope in the future we’ll have many more.”

What an absolute cutie.

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