‘Hip dips' is a body-positive Instagram trend we can actually get behind

No, it's not a dance move.

Women are sharing pictures of their ‘hip dips’ on Instagram in the latest body-positivity trend.

Don’t worry, this isn’t another ‘thigh gap’ or ‘belly button challenge’, it’s about celebrating the curve that exists in some, but not all, hips.

Lots of women, whatever shape or size, have a little indentation rather than a smooth curve, from their hips to the top of the thighs.

HIP DIPS⁉️‼️⁉️‼️ ——– This is something I've seen a lot of posts about on Instagram, and not something I realised was a 'thing' until recently ! – LADIES DO NOT FEEL SELF-CONSCIOUS ABOUT HIP HIPS! So many people have this, including me clearly!!! As far as I'm aware from research, it is to do with a combination of the shape of your body (mainly pelvis) and your gluteus medius…pls correct me if I'm wrong! My glute med need a lot of work because they are weak, which may in time help the appearance of my hip dips but it's not something I waste time worrying about☺️ – Please don't start to dislike parts of your body because someone else feels that way about theirs💞 chances are no one notices anyway, particularly if its a 'problem' like hip dips! – Wearing @forever21 and @armatura_clothing – #positivity #motivation #fitness #hipdips #glutes #workout #fitfam #fitnessblogger

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But it has nothing to do with weight and everything to do with bone structure. Hip dips or ‘violin hips’ apparently occur if the pelvis sits higher up and is slighter wider, which results in the dip between hip bones and where the femur bone starts.

Fitness bloggers and personal trainers are among the women posting photos of their hip dips. One PT, Kelly Bakewell, posted: “I’ve been reading a lot about this lately, as I’ve had clients asking how to get rid of them. They are very normal! A lot of women have them… please don’t scrutinise yourself so much!”

She explains that there isn’t really a muscle there, so exercise won’t help.

Of course, we’re flooded with images of hourglass figures and smooth silhouettes, so it’s no surprise that some women have grown up self conscious of their hips, or have tried to exercise their ‘dips’ away.

tabicatz22 posted on Instagram: “For YEARS ever since I was in middle school at my smallest (size 6) I have always struggled with how odd I always thought my hips looked. I always thought something was wrong with my body and it has stopped me from wearing certain clothes or feeling comfortable with myself.

“I always wondered why I don’t have that perfect hourglass body, and no matter how much I worked out or ate well – and at times even starved myself, it would never go away! All this time it’s because I have #violinhips or #hipdips. It is where my hips are slightly higher than my pelvis, resulting in a “violin” shape.”

So relax, hip dips are entirely natural and very common. Here are a few pictures of some lovely hip dips.

‼️HIP DIPS‼️ I dont know about you guys but I just discovered that "hips dips" are a thing. I honestly had no idea till now. Ive been thinking that I just have really bad love handles that will never go away. You always learn something new around here. 😅 I then decided to go google further into this term and learned some things. This means having violin hips or hip dents. 🎻 They're actually caused by the positioning of your pelvis and thigh bones meaning your pelvis sits up high and is usually wide. Thought it was really interesting and this explained a lot to me about my body. #hips #hipdips #violinhips #hipdents #gain #training #diet #bodyfat #bodytransformation #goals #goal #motivation #healthy #active #lifestyle #time #nike #saturday #cutting #weightlifting #workhard #back #lats #flex #fitnesstips

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pretty personal/nerve wracking post because I've never ever posted anything about this before (let alone an old image from 2012 in the second picture) but I think it's important. the #bodypostive movement is v. close to my ❤️ as both a (very much) recovered anorexia sufferer and someone growing up in a society where social media (and it's unrealistic expectations) is so powerful. the body positive movement has been really helpful over the years, full of inspiring + healthy women normalising all shapes and sizes. thankfully, after years of work + perseverance I am a confident and very very happy human being but body hang ups of course still exist (e.g. my dislike of having little scoops on my hips instead of a perfect hourglass shape). But instead of hiding my insecurities, I've learnt it's important to embrace and accept, so here is my contribution to body positivity and a mini celebration of #hipdips and #recovery because nothing beats being healthy 💜

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