Twitter is loving a picture of Emmanuel Macron landing in a nuclear submarine

“My name is Macron. Emmanuel Macron.”

When Emmanuel Macron landed aboard a nuclear submarine in the Atlantic, it ended up being the perfect photo opportunity for Twitter to enjoy.

The French president spent a day visiting the nuclear weapons facilities on the Ile Longue base off the Brittany coast, where he took part in a missile launch simulation to signal his commitment to the country’s nuclear deterrent.

His office later shared a picture on Twitter of him being lowered from a helicopter to nuclear submarine The Terrible. And Twitter users decided the president looked like a French James Bond.

Other people just couldn’t get over the life he leads.

And, of course, there’s no ignoring that some just appreciated how great he looked in action.

Macron’s office said he spent a few hours underwater in the Atlantic aboard The Terrible during the visit, which happened just after North Korea announced it had tested an intercontinental ballistic missile.

France will be the only EU country with nuclear weapons after Britain’s departure. According to the French constitution, it’s the president who decides whether to fire nuclear missiles.

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