These parents came up with a genius plan after the tooth fairy forgot their child's tooth

This is definitely one for the forgetful parents out there.

Most children look forward to losing their teeth for one main reason – money.

Losing a tooth and placing it under a pillow before bed can brighten up any school night, and no doubt nine-year-old Tadhgh Kenny was excited when his came out recently.

But his parents, Gillian and Joe, completely forgot to put any money under his pillow. Luckily, Joe had a cunning plan.

The former army Major drafted a very official-sounding letter after waking up early and realising their mistake, which explained the unfortunate circumstances that led to the tooth fairy being unable to deliver Tadhgh’s bounty.

Joe gave the “presence of far too many children”, a boy who was “trumping so badly operatives reported breathing difficulties” and a “messy room” as reasons for the tooth fairy’s unsuccessful mission.

Tadhgh came down the stairs in the morning wondering why the tooth fairy hadn’t taken his tooth but was “utterly delighted” when he saw the letter, according to mum Gillian – who admitted to leaving more money than usual “thanks to guilty parents”.

She said he was “very understanding of the fairy’s dilemma about not being able to retrieve his tooth! It completely made his day and he was really taken by it and the money from the fairy which was enclosed”.

A tooth under a pillow
(billyfoto/Getty Images)

The medieval historian, a visiting fellow at Trinity College, added: “We didn’t have to explain it except perhaps ‘Remuneration Operations’ which he was very pleased to hear concerned his tooth fairy money.”

The tooth fairy did appear the following night, thanks to a tidy room and quiet children, to retrieve the tooth – but after Joe’s heroics the pair’s three other children are now also hoping for letters from the tooth fairy.

It was almost a perfect plan!


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