Twitter has got an awful lot of feelings about Domino's new chocolate pizza

There's a raging debate over whether it looks appetising or not…



So, you ordered pizza for dinner and now want dessert – how about yet more pizza, but with chocolate on?

Domino’s have released The Lotta-Chocco in the UK – and it literally consists of their usual fresh 6″ dough base topped with what can only be described as a puddle of melted milk chocolate.

Forget pineapple as a topping – chocolate pizza is where the real controversy lies now. Here are what the reviewers on Twitter are saying.

(Natasha Louise Sporn/Twitter)

Some feel it’s well worth a try.

Others seem put off even by the sight of it.

And some have conflicting feelings.

An icing dip does sound good though…

If you’re tempted, the dessert pizza costs £4.99, and is now available at Domino’s branches throughout the UK.

Oh, and they recommend it serves 4 people, coming in at 204kcal a serving. Just be warned…it’s probably going to get messy.




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