These robots took part in an opera but it sounds like singing lessons are required

If binary music is your thing, this could be for you.

In a theoretical robot takeover of the world, you’d think opera would be the last thing the machines get their metallic hands on.

But after the University of Sussex trained two robots to take part in a sing-song, it looks as though opera is one of the first things to fall.

This new style is going to take some getting used to.

The bots performed a special piece entitled O, One, which was unsurprisingly sung partly in binary code – a treat for the ears.

Dr Evelyn Ficarra, from the University of Sussex, said: “The virtues of the musician – listening, co-operation, group creativity – are transferable skills that could apply in all kinds of human situations.”

An opera-singing robot
(University of Sussex)


The music of The Beatles is safe for now, but it’s surely only a matter of time before The Robot-tles conquer the charts.


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