The GOP tweeted a meme about the Comey hearing and Twitter isn't having it

Well, at least they tried.


It seems like almost the whole world is watching former FBI director James Comey testify to Congress and tweeting about it.

And now, the GOP has got involved – but it hasn’t gone particularly well for them.

Comey is currently testifying about his exchanges with Donald Trump in the six months before the president fired him from the FBI.

It’s been particularly explosive – for example, when asked why he felt the need to write memos after every meeting with Trump (when he hadn’t done so with any previous presidents), Comey said: “I was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting.”

Everyone has been madly tweeting their reactions to the ongoing congressional hearing, and even the GOP (the Republican National Committee) have got involved. Unsurprisingly, they’re not exactly pro-Comey.

However, the tweet seems to have backfired for the GOP. The main concern people seem to have is their use of a meme – is the GOP really trying to be down with the kids?

Well, it was at least an effort to be cool.

But others just aren’t having the GOP’s foray into the world of memes.

Maybe memes are better left for the young from now on.



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