Here's everything that happened on the election trail today

It's the final day of campaigning.

As we approach the final whistle on election campaigning, Jon Snow chases the party leaders, Labour dishes out breakfast sandwiches and everyone outside of Scotland is asking: “What is a clype?”

Here’s what happened on the campaign trail today.

Who’s had a good day?

For the Conservatives, with the news that The London Evening Standard has backed the party in the General Election.

The paper said Theresa May was the “only person in this election with the policies, party and people capable of leading this country”.

Who’s had a bad day?

Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow, who chased the leaders of the main parties around the UK but didn’t manage to secure an interview with Jeremy Corbyn. The chase included visiting Aberdeen, Colwyn Bay and Birmingham.

Quote of the day

(Andrew Milligan/PA)
(Andrew Milligan/PA)

“I’ve thought an awful lot of things about Nicola Sturgeon in the past few years but I never thought she was a clype.” Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson accuses Nicola Sturgeon of being a snitch for sharing details of a conversation with Kezia Dugdale about support for another Scottish referendum.

Picture of the day

( Jane Barlow/PA )
(Jane Barlow/PA)

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale shows Labour is over its bacon sandwich phobia, serving up a tray of the breakfast sandwiches at the Eric Liddell Centre Edinburgh.

View from the voters

As Theresa May began her last day of campaigning at Smithfield Market she was booed by some of the stall holders, with one shouting: “Vote Labour!”

Tweet of the day

Ed Miliband proved that small gestures can make the difference as he shared a photo of himself with a woman holding a Labour poster. Miliband mowed her lawn at the start of the campaign.

Poll of polls

(PA Graphics)
(PA Graphics)

Polls remain unchanged from yesterday, with the Tories taking 44%, Labour 37% and the Lib Dems 8%.


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