Alex Salmond has brilliantly trolled the naughtiest thing Theresa May has ever done

Will Salmond soon be running through fields of wheat too?


When Theresa May revealed that the naughtiest thing she’s ever done is apparently running through fields of wheat with her friends (gasp!) the Internet immediately stepped in to parody her – and now fellow politicians have got involved.

Yes, that seriously is former first minister of Scotland Alex Salmond posing in front of a field with the caption: “Tempted to be naughty.”

And just so there is absolutely no doubt that he’s taking the mick out of the Prime Minister, he’s even gone so far as to add the hashtag #fieldsofwheat.

Salmond cavorting through the field seems to be something people want to see.

The joke really has endeared him to some people.

It is admittedly a pretty funny gag in the light of May’s comments that immediately went viral.

Well, it certainly makes for a welcome distraction from the campaign trail.



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