The Green Party's General Election broadcast is a spoof advert for a political board game

The broadcast asks voters to #changethegame, implying that British politics is a game that nobody wins.

The Green Party has released its General Election broadcast – and it’s a spoof of an advert that’s covered in sarcasm.

The broadcast, ahead of the election on June 8, depicts politics as a board game called “Race to Number 10: Snap election edition”.

“The game no one wants to play is back,” says the voiceover, with “only two teams to choose from.”

The video implies that British politics is a game that nobody wins, before asking voters to #changethegame.

The cards the family who are playing the fake game pick up as they “spin their way to power” are called campaign cards. Players read out things the cards say, including: “You just plastered your campaign bus with a big fat lie; take a bonus turn” to which all the players in the video laugh.

“Ding ding!” the voiceover says. “That’s how you get ahead in this game.”

In the video, it also says the game includes a “name the slogan” round, and one about Brexit negotiations. The video then ends on a more serious note, with a direct message to voters.

Many people on Twitter seemed to have found the video pretty amusing.

But then other viewers of the video maybe don’t seem so sure…

In case you’ve forgotten, one of the Green Party’s previous party political broadcasts featured children acting as political leaders.

And another past election broadcast involved lookalikes of the other party leaders singing in a boyband.


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