Watch what happens when a Moto GP rider gets a wasp stuck in their leathers

You could say there's a bit of buzz about Cal Crutchlow this weekend.

Being a top Moto GP rider must be difficult enough without insects piggybacking a ride, but that’s what Cal Crutchlow had to deal with ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix.

The Honda rider was making his way around the Circuito de Jerez when the commentary team noticed him having a few difficulties, and deduced that a wasp was the culprit.


After qualifying Crutchlow revealed what went on, and it sounds absolutely awful.

“A wasp came down the front of my leathers, or a bee or whatever it was,” he said. “And the thing’s got me about five or six times.”

Some demonstrated sympathy for the British racer.

Meanwhile others went straight for the pun.

The incident didn’t prevent Crutchlow qualifying in third for Sunday’s race however.

How will he get on? There’s certainly been plenty of buzz about him this weekend.


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