An audience member on Question time said people who use food banks 'smoke, drink and have Sky TV'

And, unsurprisingly, he wasn't very popular afterwards.

An audience member on Question Time took home the title of “most unpopular viewpoint” by sharing his thoughts on people who use food banks.

He said he’d never actually been to one but knows people who have and “the majority of them that do go for free food smoke, drink, have Sky television”.

After his comments were immediately followed by a collective groan from the audience, he followed up by saying “and that is the truth”, which was met with the same reaction.

Over on Twitter, people were letting out groans of their own.

Some chose to share that they’d been a visitor to a food bank and don’t meet his criteria.

Glasgow Cathcart’s SNP Scottish Parliament member James Dornan, who was watching along, was not impressed.

The panel, which featured Brexit Secretary David Davis, Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood, Ukip leader Paul Nuttall, Labour candidate Rebecca Long-Bailey and Siemens CEO Juergen Maier, also discussed Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn’s portrayal in the media and the NHS.


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