The best reactions to those Theresa May chip photos

She's having her very own Bacon Sandwich moment.

When Prime Minister Theresa May made a trip to Cornwall as part of the election campaign, her visit very quickly became all about one thing: chips.

She was snapped multiple times with a cone of fluffy chips in hand and the awkwardness emanating from the photos was too much for the internet to handle.

Theresa May having some chips (Dylan Martinez/PA)
(Dylan Martinez/PA)

Here are some of the best tweets that sum up how people felt when they gazed upon these already infamous images:






Deja vu

A prominent image from the 2015 General Election campaign was then Labour leader Ed Miliband looking awkward while eating a bacon sandwich, while the Tories got good mileage out of a picture of Ed’s brother David holding a banana.

Delegates pick up free David Miliband bananas, which are on offer as they arrive ahead of second day of the Conservative Party Conference
(Chris Radburn/PA)


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