How do people with Donald Trump tattoos think he's doing 100 days on?

Speaking to those with the president permanently on their skin.

Tattoos and politics are both intensely personal things, but it’s not often that the two collide. For some reason, though, Donald Trump is a politician who seems to inspire plenty of ink.

So how do people who have had the Donald permanently emblazoned on their skin think he’s doing 100 days in?

Gabrielle Seunagal – Atlanta, USA

Trump tattoo
(Gabrielle Seunagal)

Why I got the tattoo

I got my Trump tattoo because Trump serves as an inspiration to me and a figure of success, victory and dominance. I admire his strength and the manner in which he fights back.

(Gabrielle Seunegal)

Trump is an affluent and intelligent individual. He is one of my role models and a person that I look up to.

How I think Trump’s first 100 days have gone

I think President Trump is doing an outstanding job. Since he’s been in office, jobs have increased, illegal immigration has been severely halted, and our military has gotten stronger. I have complete faith and confidence in our President.

Although I disagree with his decision to launch airstrikes at Syria (since America was not attacked), I understand that his decision came from his humanity. President Trump has my full support and I look forward to seeing the many feats that he will accomplish as the leader of the free world.

Vito Summa – New York, USA

Trump tattoo
(Vito Summa)

Why I got the tattoo

I got the tattoo because of all the misplaced anger, tantrums and butt hurt from the left over Trump’s victory.

I knew that seeing such a tattoo would “trigger” a liberal, and being that most of my upper body is already fully tattooed, I thought that this tattoo would be fun.

How I think Trump’s first 100 days have gone

I truly hope the best for the Trump presidency and my nation after eight years of Obama failures and incompetence.

The main thing I’m happy about so far is Trump’s SCOTUS pick, Neil Gorsuch, being confirmed. I’m also happy about the VA bill and the upcoming tax reform.

Mark Butcher – Woolongong, Australia

Mark Butcher
Butcher’s tattoo is in progress: this is three hours in, with twelve to go (Mark Butcher)

Why I got the tattoo

It serves as a reminder to myself: if you believe in something stand up and fight for what you believe in, never give up.

How I think Trump’s first 100 days have gone

I think he has done very well considering the left are trying everything they can to slow his team down or block him from having the votes to pass bills.

Mark Butcher
(Mark Butcher)

He was blocked on immigration and Obamacare, but he has still put coalminers back to work, convinced billion dollar companies to stay in America and invest more money into their companies, and negotiated two Chinese companies to invest billions of dollars to build new companies in America. The wall will be built like like he promised, and today he announces tax cuts for everyone including companies.

Considering how far the left will go to stop his progress, it shows that Trump is the right person for president.

Jordan Murphy – Devon, UK

A Trump tattoo
(Jordan Murphy)

Why I got the tattoo

I got the tattoo more as joke. My tattoo artist Luke Beddows from Fleet Street Collective drew this as a joke before he was even elected president and posted it on social media. I was down the pub with my friend and he said I should get it so I just went along with it and got it. To this day it is probably one of my most favourite tattoos.

How I think Trump’s first 100 days have gone

I don’t support Trump in any way, shape or form. I think he is single-handedly tearing the world apart. The tattoo is not a representation of my being a fan. I think it’s just a funny piss-take and I was the only one brave enough to get it tattooed on me.


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