Donald Trump has a button in his desk that brings him a Coke

Now everyone wants one in their own office.

Being President of the United States is incredibly high pressured, but luckily there are a fair few perks to lighten this heavy burden.

One of these, which Donald Trump seems to be particularly enjoying according to an AP report, is a button on the desk in the Oval Office which summons a White House butler with a Coke.

People are pretty jealous of the button – it would be pretty sweet to get a Coke whenever you felt mildly thirsty.

Even those on the other side of the political debate could not deny the appeal of the Coke button.

However, not everyone can be pleased, and some have already started thinking of what extra benefits they’d take advantage of if they were in the Oval Office.

This isn’t actually a new development as the button has been available for previous presidents, but it doesn’t stop us from being jealous.


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