This snap election business is making some Americans pretty jealous

Nope, the same can't happen in the US.

While news of the snap election has been met with mixed reactions in the UK, there are some people a little bit further afield that really like the idea of it.

The US is a bitterly divided country politically, and those who aren’t particularly enamoured with the current president seem pretty taken with the idea of a snap election.

In fact, the idea of a potential change of leadership in the UK is making some Americans feel pretty jealous.

Some are calling for a similar situation in their country.

Could it happen across the pond as well?

In short: no. Sorry guys.

In America, the constitution states that if the president is for some reason unable to perform his duties, the vice president is sworn in and carries out the job until the end of the term. So that would mean Mike Pence stepping up rather than an election before the end of the allotted four years.

The only snap election we have on the cards seems to be in the UK.

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