People thought Donald Trump was playing keep-away with someone's hat, but an alternative angle tells a different story

Trump tossed the hat in the air, but where did it land?

US President Donald Trump has been hosting the White House Easter Egg Roll, an event featuring reading, costumes and other Easter-related activities.

And during the day, President Trump stopped briefly to sign some autographs, with hats a particularly popular request.

However, having signed one of the now-famous red hats, Trump did something a little unexpected – he tossed it into the air.

When asked “Will you sign my hat?” Trump took the hat, signed it, and then threw it back into the crowd with a big smile. A shout of “No!” can be heard.

Some thought it seemed a mean thing to do, while others felt it was pretty funny footage.

But all those opinions were proved moot when some crucial alternative footage showed up in the replies – keep an eye on the guy in the light blue shirt.

Yes, thanks to Trump’s throw the hat found its way back to its owner, who was closer to the back of the crowd than people had first thought. Thank goodness for that extra angle, huh?


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