Salt Bae went to vote in Turkey's referendum and you need to see the photo

Salt Bae is not only an incredible chef – he is also a responsible citizen.

Salt Bae visited the ballot box to vote in Turkey’s referendum on Sunday, displaying signature style.

One of Turkey’s most famous exports, Salt Bae (real name Nusret Gokce) found fame with his unusual food videos which always end with a dash of salt.

Now he’s turned that famous salt sprinkle to voting. On Sunday, he shared a picture to his Instagram in the polling station, placing an envelope into the ballot box in signature style.

A bemused official looks on as Salt Bae pulls his arm into that recognisable pose.

The accompanying caption roughly translates as “process complete”. We don’t know how he chose to vote though.

Voters all over Turkey are visiting polling stations to vote on a referendum which, if approved, would concentrate power in the hands of Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


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